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I usually post my quick sketches, work in progress and many variations of drawings. Be prepared for lots of different animu and vidya fanart.

-Almost- all content of this blog is original/drawn by me.
Saturday, 10:33 am
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Tuesday, 4:01 pm
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White Mage from Final Fantasy series <3 Done during my lectures at uni, because I can : )
Tuesday, 6:15 pm
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Leknaat, the Keeper of balance from Suikoden series. Very mysterious but likeable character and one of my favorites from the series ❤
I was drawing her without any references so she may look a bit different, sorry c: Orbs floating around her symbolize 27 True Runes of universe.
Tuesday, 9:46 am
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Saturday, 12:00 pm
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Because there is not enough of my waifu on your dashboard, I had to change it ;;
 I’m doing everything, I mean everything besides studying to my exams ;w; At least it’s something productive, I guess.
Tuesday, 8:32 am
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Submitting this just to show I’m alive and that I’m still working on this pic. I know it takes me way too long and it will probably take me next few months to finish … ;__; Welp, sorry lads and gals but I don’t have much time for digital drawings lately, my laptop is slowly dying and such blahblah, eh orz
But I’ll finish this one, you have my word!
Also, ice drawing practice, dear Lord, still not satisfied, will be working on it x-x
Tuesday, 6:21 am
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My first post of 2014 (sorry for inactivity but university is slowly killing me ;;). H-here’s something cute from me~
Goodnight tumblr, goodnight everyone, goodnight darling ❤ Hope you all sleep well~
Saturday, 5:04 pm
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Aww, Neme, thank you so much for tagging me! Much love <33
Hmmm, I need to say 5 nice things … about myself, o-ok, h- here we go~!

1. First thing I like about myself is … my approach to life. I don’t chase success, I don’t take part in the overall ‘rat race’. I’m against consumerism and commercialism in most of the cases.
I am glad that I have simple yet valuable priorities which, in my opinion, are worth living for, like achieving happiness and creating a safe place which will be home for me and my (future) family.
I don’t have to be rich, don’t need to have the most expensive stuff in my house and I don’t have to wear branded stuff. I’ve learnt to truly appreciate what I have.

2. I also appreciate the fact that I have quite unusual interests as for a girl. Unfortunately, some people treat me like a freak because of this.
It hurts but I try to ignore it. I am myself, no one is going to change me.
This allows me to get to know the true friends who fully accept me and my strange behaviour/interests, right?

3. I like my peace of mind. Despite the fact that I often panic (mostly because I’m just afraid of something, or attention is focused on me),
usually I’m the one who is calm, rational and sometimes all too serious in the group.
I do not mind it, the truth is, I quite like being the voice of a reason
(and yeah, sometimes I know when to say/do something stupid/funny, and that is what I like about myself as well!)

4. Hmmm … I love my imagination, thanks to it I can survive bad days and escape from reality. Even if it’s for a short time, it helps a bit ..
This may sound weird but perhaps I even like my aversion for other people which paradoxically is revealed by me being too naive and too nice to everyone.
Sometimes I feel bad about it, but in the long run, I just don’t want to bother anyone (even people I don’t like, yeah) or cause problems or anything.

5. Figuring out the world, my surroundings and the behaviour of other people is what I appreciate about myself.
Maybe I happen to overthink/overanalyze certain things, but it makes me feel more or less good. My long and frequent thoughts keep me sane and keep reminding me that I’m a good person (what’s not to like about it huh :)

Ummm, that’s all I guess, hope you aren’t scared of me even more now ;__;’  ~

This happens when two people talk about MGS and FFVII :&#8217;D I&#8217;m not even sorry for this :&#8217;3&#160;
Also my first time drawing Big Boss in chibi style, h-hope I did him justice? Haha&#160;: D
❤ Dziena Piotruś za taki słodki pomysł na rysunek - mówiłam, że to narysuję, dzia~ C:
Tuesday, 6:49 am
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Saturday, 6:29 am
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Jun Kazama, my fav Tekken character and fighter ;__; I was so mad when she didn&#8217;t appear in Tekken 3, and 4 &#8230; and so on ;;
At least there are Tekken Tags, omg&lt;3
One of my waifus, okk~
Saturday, 5:37 am
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Ugh, I didn&#8217;t like her that much, I knew there&#8217;s something fishy about her &#8230; but I must admit that she&#8217;s a cutie huh.
Old sketch I drew last summer~
Peace Walker is a good game, yeah ❤
Tuesday, 5:45 am
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Agrias Oaks from Final Fantasy Tactics.
So many hours spent on this game&lt;333 I absolutely love it, one of my favourite video games in general.
Friday, 4:16 pm
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So I&#8217;ve just come across some of my old sketches I had made during summer holidays. Here&#8217;s Raiden from Metal Gear Rising. He&#8217;s completely drawn from memory, sorry if he doesn&#8217;t resemble himself C:
Can&#8217;t wait to play Rising &#8230; just couple of weeks, and there&#8217;ll be some free time and maybe then &#8230; hyhyhy :&#8217;3
Sunday, 3:39 pm
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